Questions + Answers



Q:How far do you deliver?

We are based out of North County SD but love any excuse to travel.

LA, Palm Springs, Big Sur, Mammoth, San Luis Obispo... The list goes on and on!

Any drive exceeding 90 miles or 2 hours, we require hotel accommodations to be covered. 


Q:How do I lock down my order?

We require a 50% deposit upon signing of the contract

and then you've guaranteed your items for your date!

Q:What are your regular hours for Delivery?

We consider regular deliver hours to be between 9AM to 10PM (this is based of the average venue access times).

If a delivery is prior to 9AM a $150 fee will apply to cover the overtime hours of our delivery team. Likewise, if you require pick up after 10PM

another $150 fee will apply to continue to cover the cost for overtime labor. 


Q:When do I pay my remaining balance?

Remaining balance is due 2 week prior to your event. 


Q:Can I change my order after signing my contract?

Of course, we're happy to make any adjustments or

additions as long as desired pieces are available. If multiple changes are made to the original proposal, and a total restyle of both proposal & collage is require, a $50 restyling fee will apply. 

If the changes are made within 90 days of the event,

you must replace the items with inventory that is equal or greater to the contractual total.

You must also maintain the required minimums for your delivery location. 

Q:How does your pricing work?

Our pieces are individually priced. If you inquire about specific pieces,

we will put together an invoice with pricing for you. 


Q:Do you have a rental minimum?



Q: What do you charge for delivery?



Q:Can I pick up items myself?

We offer will-call on pieces that don't require intensive setup,

are relatively lightweight, and have a low chance of being broken during transport.

You must have an appropriate vehicle to transport items safely and securely. 

$350 rental minimum. Rental prices are based on a 24 hour rental period.

Any pick up/drop off times exceeding the 24 hour rental period is an additional $100 per day rate. 


Q:Can you deliver the day prior?

It is a case-by-case bases. We are often able to work out some solution to deliver the day before for our clients.

However, we have a few requirements prior to approval:

-All fabric & upholstered items must be kept indoors overnight

-Any furniture pieces must be stored on a solid surface (i.e. cement/patio/garage) overnight and covered if not kept indoor


Q:Do you do onsite styling?

Styling services are covered under our delivery charge

and we will stage/style all items rented from us.

However, if you are renting "decor" for extra styling into your furniture pieces, there is a $200 styling fee.


Q:I'm looking for...

If you don't see something on our website but you're itching to have it at

your event, we will find it! Our ultimate goal is to create a unique and

wonderful experience so your event is everything you hoped it would be!


Q:Do you have a cancelation policy? 

Items removed from the order within 90 days of event date must be swapped for other items of equal or greater value.

If items are canceled completely within 90 days of event, we retain the full 50% deposit on those items.


Q:Accidents happen...

We understand that with large groups of people, accidents are bound to happen...

If damage occurs to our pieces, we'll first try to do any cleaning or repairs needed

ourselves, but in the event that the problem is not solvable on our end, we

require a repair/replacement fee of the actual replacement

cost for the damaged item.