T H E  W I T  S T U D I O


The Wit Studio is our brand new studio space that is the answer to all your photo shoot needs! It combines a 25.5ft x 16.5ft white space with access to our 7,000 sq. foot warehouse of gorgeous set dressing for your next shoot. With 18ft tall ceilings and skylights for NATURAL light, the space will woo you with it's warm lighting and creative possibilities with such a vast array of furniture and decorations to chose from.



  • dressing room with hair/make-up station
  • table for props and accessories
  •  lighting (Impact VC-500WLN 3-500Ws Digital Monolight with Transmitter Kit)
  • white paper backdrop
  • rolling rack
  • use of kitchenette/fridge
  • wifi
  • full access to our inventory of furniture rentals 



$100 per hour with a 3 hour minimum (includes use of rentals)


Terms and conditions:

  • When rental items are used, items must be put back where found and in clean condition

  • Selection of rentals based on availability