Valley Center Home Staging

Hello fellow furniture fanatic, 

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our blog with the latest happenings in the world of Witty. So today, we are dishing on our latest project that, no joke, cleared out our warehouse in one fell swoop.

We were approached by a new client to do a walkthrough of a home in Valley Center they were remodeling and listing on the market in May. Unsuspecting of the scope of what we were walking into, we took the tour and were BLOWN AWAY at both how beautiful the property was and the size!! As we walked through room after room of this gorgeous home, we were realizing that we would be taking on our largest design project to date. The home was MONSTROUS. It came fully equipped with a pool, tennis court, horse stable, entertainment cabana, a 2 bedroom/1 bath/kitchenette apartment above the garage, and so, so much more!

It is an understatement to say this home was magnificent. And that was one of the hardest challenges. We needed not only a massive amount of inventory to stage it top to bottom; we also needed inventory that would highlight the grandeur of the space. 

The task before us was to find pieces that spoke to the elevated esthetic of the remodel, while still pulling in splashes of rustic to incorporate the bones of the home. It was details like the gigantic exposed wooden beams in the ceiling & raw stone fireplace that reminded us we were still in Valley Center & not at a beach front home in Malibu. This combination lead to the style we loving coined as “Ranch House Chic.”

(Yeah, yeah! We probably aren't the first to coin the phrase, but let a girl dream!!)

In the end, we sourced a great deal of furniture, particularly for the outside portion of the home. 

We also were able to partner with our friends over at JOYBIRD to help furnish parts of both bedrooms, the apartment, the dinning room, and the office. They were the perfect pop of elegance we needed to add to each room!

Check out how it all turned out & let us know what you think!

As always, we asked our brilliant friend & fellow ladyboss, Amber Thrane, to come shoot the finished product!



-Chels & Tiff