We have been at this rental business for a few years now and it is humbling to see how far we've come! Today, being Friday, felt like the right day to give you a little sneak peak into where we've grown from. 

We got our start in January of 2014 in my parents garage using just a few pieces from our home's and what we managed to purchase with our combined savings of $1400.  In just a few short years we have upgraded from a little storage unit and a Honda Civic to a commercial warehouse, a box truck, and a capacity to work throughout all of Southern California. It still blows me away to look at the photos of where we began!

We've had amazing opportunities to not only run a rental company but to branch out into new business ventures--like our in house photo studio and most recently, Witty Home Stagings. Everyday is a learning process of juggling the "BOSSLADY" lifestyle and motherhood. But that's not how it started...Witty began as two best friends (with no children screaming in the background) stealing their families' sofas just so they would have enough furniture to rent!

We've gone through many highs & lows, tons of furniture, a few warehouses, and our fare share of hair colors...ENJOY!