Urban Outfitters Styled Shoot

Desert vista  II Neutral color pallets  II  Odd looking succulents II  Backless jumpsuits that demand going braless II Golden hour...

These are just a few of our favorite things. Oh, and Urban Outfitters home collection! Yeah, we're obsessed.

We thought about keeping all the stunning furniture pieces we were drooling over a big fat secret. Like, when you get a dozen donuts to bring to work, but before walking in your hesitate thinking, "if I sit here & eat the entire box...they'll never know!" But, alas, we're pretty horrible at keeping secrets. Donuts for everyone!

Here are a few of our latest URBAN favorites along with a few other partners we can't get enough of:

PHOTOGRAPHER/STYLIST // Jessie Jean Photography

FURNITURE // Urban Outfitters

STYLING & DESIGN // Witty Rentals

FLORALS // Layered Vintage

HOME // Abbie Naber, A Naber Design

CLOTHING // Shop Lux Clothing

VIDEOGRAPHY // Essix Media



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