Cardiff Bungalow Home Staging

Getting into home stagings this last year has been a blast! We enjoy the challenge of transforming a space into something a family will walk into and envision themselves calling home. However, one thing they don't tell you when you decide you're going to add home staging to your already busy lives is that the time table to pull together this little act of magic...usually happens in about 1 week! From the initial inquiry to the photographers coming in to capture the staging...1 WEEK! 

The first few days of that week often are spent emailing & solidifying the deal. Then that leaves us about 2 or 3 days to pull together, shop, and source for all the items we need to create a warm and inviting home. Then there's packing day where we load our 16' box truck to the brim with all the furniture and decor for the next 2 days of installing. And on the last day, we do final touches and photograph the entire place.  It's a rigorous process that we are finally settling into after this year of practice.

Also, having an incredible team is imperative. Finding people whose vision we trust enables us to divide and conquer when there's so much to do in such a shot time. This home seemed like a breeze with our newest Witty Home Stagings team member: Hannah Boyne!

This little Bungalow in Cardiff is on the market & you can check it out here! If only to meet Rachel Stock, this homes listing agent, you should go take a tour. She is one of our favorite realtors out there! Check it out...