Witty Home Staging

We recently had the pleasure of Staging a beautiful home in Pauma Valley, California for the incredible Shelter Residential. Let me just start out by saying that Lauren of Shelter just gets it! Her style? Flawless. And the homes they remodel are straight out of a magazine. So, needless to say when they asked us to stage this spanish style adobe...we were more than excited! If not a bit nervous to live up to their stylish standard.

Oh, not to mention Chelsea--my business partner--was newly pregnant and her first Trimester...well, it was not as enthused with the idea of having to stage a home and keep breakfast down. As for me, I had just given birth and had a 2 week old baby... but heck we were up for the challenge and ready to sink our teeth into this beautiful home. 

We are elated with how everything turned out! It was a fun challenge repurposing our inventory to fit such a specific esthetic. It forced us to see our pieces in new ways & pair them with a whole different charm! All while being pregnant and postpartum, of course!

 Our friend Amber Thrane of Dulcet Creative came and photographed the house & made it look that much better! Now, ready for the next one!