Taryn and Eric in Mammoth

Don't get me wrong, we love every wedding that we do! But some weddings pull at your heart strings a little more than others... this was 100% without a doubt at the top of that list. 

Taryn had the most incredible vision for her big day and with the wonderful team of venders she collected, it was bound to exceed expectations, and needless to say, it did!

So picture a vast expanse of forrest as far as the eye can see and then mountains upon mountains touching the sky surrounding you in every direction. Crisp blue skies with little whisps of white clouds dusting the mountaintops. Now plop the most adorable cabin in the middle of all that and there it was! Pretty great, right? Photo's couldn't possibly do the real thing justice, but Paige Jones Photography did an absolutely phenomenal job capturing it, so here's a peek into their big day!


And lastly a little bts of the team who brought you these stunning images and the video that we're alllll dying to see!